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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Greenest Province

We are all going to die; that is a fact and nothing I’ve heard of so far is going to change that fact. Does that mean living is insignificant? Should we all just give up? Is there a point in trying to slow global warming if the Earth is going to heat up anyway? There’s a reason people try to live as long as they can; there is always hope that one day we might succeed.
The world is so focused on curing people right now that it doesn’t have time to heal the planet. Very few places are trying to do what they can to give us a chance at a future. The province of British Columbia in Canada is trying to change. This province is taking all the essential steps towards a greener future.
One of B.C.’s main cities, Vancouver, wants to make the shift to renewable energy by 2050. Recently, they publicly set this goal. Steps toward reaching it are already being taken.
In West Vancouver, the University of British Columbia (UBC), is also doing its part. Their Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) is committed to reducing the University’s carbon emissions every year.
A little farther up north, even tourist areas like Whistler are setting themselves yearly quotas and long-term goals. Whistler 2020 is a well-known program, dreamt up to make Whistler sustainable by the year 2020.
The Whistler-Blackcomb tourist company has actually set it’s own assignment. They are on their way to successfully completing their mission to make Whistler-Blackcomb have a “zero operating footprint”.
There is even an Environmental Farm Plan Program in B.C. Agriculture, especially industrialized agriculture, has a huge impact on the environment. Sustainable farming could reduce and even in some cases reverse the destruction we caused over the years. And it can often be fruitful, profitable.
British Columbia is doing exactly what we all should. They came up with ideas with achievable long and short-term goals, and then put them into effect as soon as possible. No delays, no short cuts.
As the world is finally starting to realize, greener is better. And in Canada, B.C. is the greenest. They are the model; they’ve set the example. Now it’s our turn to follow.
We often hear people saying that we have to do something in the next 10 years or the damage to the environment will be irreparable. So why aren’t we doing anything? B.C. got the ball rolling; all we have to do is keep the momentum going.

There is so much that people can do to help out, and it isn’t that complicated. Everyone, every country, province, state, city, town, person… can do their part. It won’t kill you, quite the opposite actually.